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 Inhdependent audits are audits that are required for many governmental and nonprofit organizations, as well as publicly traded companies. Any organization receiving grants of over 50,000 is required to have an audit of the financial statements. Audits are external certification of financial statements and can range from standard audit to single audits and forensic audits. We can help you prepare for independent audit or conduct one. We can also provide your organization with review, compilation services and agreed upon procedures. Please remember that the same company that provides you with accounting services cannot conduct audit,  it would be a conflict of interest. Bookkeeping and Accounting staff has many years of experience in audit and compliance services. Independent audit may be required by the granting authorities or by the bank. This process can be costly and time consuming. Make sure you are trusting your audit to the company that will provide you with a quality job and give you helpful suggestions along the way to make sure you get a clean report.