We are bookkeeping and accounting of Florida.


Our company serves profit and non for profit business models.  We had humble beginnings when Juliya, or founder, was asked to do bookkeeping for an electrical contractor she was working for. They assigned her to do quickbooks and she felt overwhelmed.  There was so much to learn and she wanted to do a great job so she decided to get quickbooks training.  The more she got involved with taxes the more she realized she would like to accounting and to try other fields that being a CPA would allow her to go for.  She has been a mom, full time business owner, and now is a full time student as well to finish her accounting degree.  As she learned more and more about tax law and her clients referred other business owners she had to get some help. She then brought on Leo and he has been a great asset to her team.  Last year she hired Johnny and he as also been a great addition to the team.  Hermon is also part of the team and bring a lot of valuable experience to the office.

When you start looking into hiring someone to do your accounting the choices may be overwhelming and you may not know who to pick. Pick a company like ours who will always have your best interests at heart and who will your ally with the IRS if issues come up. We offer a free consultation for an initial time to see if we would be a good fit for your company.  We serve small and large business alike and we do it with integrity.  We hope you give us a chance to show you what we can do to help you save time and money.  Our offices are open and ready to serve so contact us today!