1. Accounting services

    Accounting Services Understanding of importance of accounting services for small business is crucial to survival of the business. Sloppy accounting will not only get you under microscope and audited by IRS, it will also not give you the tools to run your business efficiently and effectively. Having information that is current and relevant will allow you to plan cash flows, expenses and expect dips…Read More

  2. Bookkeeping service

    If you are in business, consider outsourcing your bookkeeping. Bookkeeping service provided by accounting office is more efficient and more accurate then what you can get in-house and will cost you fraction of paying full time salary to someone in your office. Having accurate accounting information will help you plan your cash flows, Bookkeeping service, and have accurate and timely information an…Read More

  3. Business Tax and Deductable Expenses

    Business tax and deductible business expenses The IRS standard mileage rate has changed for 2014. Here are the rates: •56 cents per mile for business miles driven •23.5 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes •14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations. These rates are in effect for the entire year for businesses taking the standard mileage deduction. Busine…Read More

  4. Quickbooks training Jacksonville

    When you need Quickbooks training Jacksonville call us. Juliya Moody and her company have been helping people with quickbooks for over 10 years. She started doing books for her boss at an electrical contracting company a long time ago. When she was introduced to quickbooks she wanted to learn all about the program and started talking training to get her certification. This also inspired her to get…Read More

  5. Bookkeeping Services Jacksonville

    When you need Bookkeeping services Jacksonville give us a call first We are bookkeeping and accounting of florida and we are here to serve. We offer business tax services to a wide variety of business's all over jacksonville, florida, and the united states. People realize when they find a good accountant that they like they should hold on to them so we continue to grow rapidly. We started out as …Read More

  6. Bookkeeping Services Jacksonville Florida

    When you need bookkeeping services Jacksonville Florida give us a call! We are Bookkeeping and Accounting of Florida INC. and we have been serving business clients like you for over 10 years. We started off small but when our reputation of friendly customer service and tax services started making a name for itself we started to grow. Contact the best company doing bookkeeping services Jacksonvill…Read More

  7. Tax audit services Jacksonville

    When you need tax audit services Jacksonville then you have come to the right place.  We are bookkeeping and accounting of florida and we specialize in such service.  Our staff is very knowledgeable when you are being audied and need to be represented.  We understand the amount of stress and how overwhelming it can be to have an audit done on your business.  We will help you through these issu…Read More

  8. Bookkeeping

    When you need bookkeeping service in the Jacksonville FL area consider using our service. We are bookkeeping  and accounting of Florida and we have been serving our clients for over 10 years.  We started as a one woman operation and have grown to have four employees now.   Each one of our employees contributes enormous value to our clients and we hope to hire more employees in the near future…Read More

  9. Bookkeeping Services

    When you are choosing bookkeeping services in Jacksonville Florida we hope you consider using a reputable firm like ours.  We are bookkeeping and accounting of florida and we have been in business for over a decade.  Over the years we have learned all of the details that it takes to help our valuable clients save time and money.   We started off small but we are growing and we hope you will gi…Read More