Jacksonville CPA Firms

We want to be your accountant and to be your friend when tax issues come up. As one of the best Jacksonville CPA Firms we understand the need to have a quality accountant do your taxes. We are fast becoming one of the most trusted firms in Jacksonville. We plan on doing this one satisfied client after another and as we grow it plan on keeping the customer intimacy of a small firm.

When you start looking into Jacksonville CPA Firms then you will soon find that you will have a lot of options. If you are looking for a low cost professional you may be putting your tax situation in jeopardy and you may be facing stiff penalties. The IRS is a serious entity of the US government. Because of the number of people in the united states compared to the IRS staff they are only able to audit 2% of the population. You may say then the chances of me getting audited are slim and you are right. As slim as the chance is if they do end up calling on you and they will want your financials in order. The IRS does not accept “honest mistakes” because it doesn’t make ethical judgements. IRS is only interested in things being done by the law. Many Jacksonville CPA Firms I have known many people who got penalized for careless bookkeeping in the past. You may think what could go wrong with Bookkeeping. For starters it could be careless data entry on their part. Miscategorization of expensed can throw up big red flags to the IRS. We do offer an initial consultation so that we can discover the needs of our clients. If you decide to hire us we could set you up on a business plan and get you up and running right away. Contact us today before you call other Jacksonville CPA Firms.