We want to be your accounting and bookkeeping service!

Our company had humble beginnings before we did accounting and bookkeeping service.

Juliya Moody started to learn bookkeeping as working for an electrical contractor. The company she was working for and decided to throw her head first into quickbooks. To be honest she was overwhelmed with the task and wondered why they didn’t hire a professional accounting and bookkeeping service. She had some hard days as she learned the program and that is when she decided to get some quickbooks training. This move changed the course of here life. She since then has kept her education going strong and is almost finished with her CPA. Juliya is passionate about her accounting and bookkeeping service. She worked by herself for a few years but the demands became to much. Back then she was working out of her home. When she got so busy she couldn’t handle it she decided to hire another guy named Leo she knew from another accounting firm. Then she decided it was getting to hard to do business out of her house so she decided to start looking into finding a office. With her accounting and bookkeeping service she wasn’t sure what side of town she should get an office in. She decided to be locate off St. Augustine so she could be close to her clients but be close to her home also. We sure hope you come by bookkeeping and accounting of florida and claim your initial free consultation. We can set you up with a business plan and get you started right away if you are ready to do that. Stop by and talk to our knowlegeable and friendly staff and see why we are becomin one of the most trusted accountants in our area. Contact us today and we will look forward to serving you soon!