If you are in business, consider outsourcing your bookkeeping. Bookkeeping service provided by accounting office is more efficient and more accurate then what you can get in-house and will cost you fraction of paying full time salary to someone in your office. Having accurate accounting information will help you plan your cash flows, Bookkeeping service, and have accurate and timely information and keep track of your finances. It will also make preparing your taxes at the end of the year a snap. You will be able to know your tax liability from month to month and you will not have to write a large check at the year end.

Bookkeeping Service

I will help you plan your expenses to minimize your taxes, make purchases at appropriate time when you can take the most advantage out of your purchases and pay your taxes as you go to minimize the stress. Running a small business is a big job, having a Bookkeeping service  that can help you handle your finances makes it easier to accomplish other business goals. Bookkeeping service can generally handle many tasks such as controller services (cash management), accounts payable, receivable, bank reconciliations, and payroll and tax payments. In some cases business has to pay payroll taxes on weekly, monthly or quarterly bases, if the taxes are not paid, the penalties are rather large. Don’t make a mistake of assuming that you know all the rules. Research and ask.

bookkeeping serviceKeep in mind that not all Bookkeeping service are the same and you are entrusting someone with your financial information. Make sure you hire the company who is bonded and insured and have stuff sufficient enough to handle the tasks.
Always choose bookkeeping service with good reputation and make sure the service fits your needs. If you have questions or if we can help you, email us at bookkeepingandaccounting@comcast.net or check out our website at www.bookkeepingandaccountinginc.com