Accounting Service Jacksonville

Bookkeeping and Accounting of Florida has been in business for 10 years.  Our combined accounting service Jacksonville  experience is over 30 years.  This gives us a distinct advantage with our services.  Our clients always rave about how knowledgeable and friendly our staff is.  The next time you are looking into hiring a bookkeeper or accountant we hope you come and check out our company.

accounting service Jacksonville

If you are not sure where to turn for accounting service Jacksonville  then one good place would be to start on the internet.  When you start searching you will suddenly realize that there are lots of companies right at your fingertips.  Don’t be fooled by cheap accounting services.  A lot of remote location offices all around the world offer bookkeeping and accounting services for really cheap prices.  I don’t think it is a good idea to go cheap on something as important as your tax financials. If you hire a cheap accounting service Jacksonville then you may end up paying a lot of money in penalties if the IRS ever audits you.  The IRS does not seem to show grace when it comes to careless data entry work.  If you hire a bookkeeper who is just classifying all of your expenses in categories that make no sense the IRS will catch this.  The IRS is big on trying to catch people doing fraudulent activities so they enforce all of there laws with vigor.

The next time you need an accounting service Jacksonville with your best interest at heart choose our company.  Our services are caterized to fit your own unique needs in business.  We offer a free consultation to prospective clients so that they can better understand what we offer. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation and we will look forward to working with you soon.