We are now offering tax audit services Jacksonville to help with the burden of IRS auditing.

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We understand the stress that can be caused if the IRS every audits your business. That is why we know offer tax audit services Jacksonville.  We have two options when considering these services.  We can do a independent audit just in case the IRS audit’s you so that you are ready or we can help you if you get audited by the IRS.

Tax Audit Services Jacksonville

When you start thinking about getting audited it can be a pretty stressful topic for most business. That is why we now offer tax audit services Jacksonville to our clients.  We want you to know that we are on your side with any and all tax issues that you may have.  A  professional service like ours can save countless hours and the headaches that can come from doing your own taxes for your business.  The IRS is only known to audit 2% of the population but they do tend to not show any grace with dealing with the people they do audit.  Our tax audit services Jacksonville will help you get through the process as smoothly as possible. We will actually meet with the IRS for you if you are actually being audited. We do our homework and know exactly what to expect from the IRS.  We normally can help minimize any penalties if they find something out of place.  The IRS is a pretty thorough organization and our concern is that a lot of people follow the advice of mainstream ideas and these are not always acceptable to the IRS.  The IRS has a strict code it follows to enforce tax laws.  Our tax audit services Jacksonville can help you prepare upfront for any of these issues. The IRS doesn’t give grace for honest mistakes.  You may have totally been doing what you thought was right and the IRS will still penalize.  They do so because they try to make examples of the people they do audit in hopes others will hear about it and obey these laws.  The unites states is just to big for the IRS to audit a large portion of its citizens.  It just takes a small random sample of the population and you never know when your turn will be up.  We highly recommend hiring a professional bookkeeper and accountant.  Contact our offices for a free consultation and we will look forward to talking to you then.