Our companies offers quality bookkeeping and accounting services in the Jacksonville area. Our services is growing rapidly as we become one of the most trusted business tax firms.  We offer a full service bookkeeping and accounting services that we cater to fit your needs.  We realize that all business’s are not the same and so we treat each one of our client’s case’s unique. All of our clients are so happy about all that we do for them that they are getting as much referral business as they can for us.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

The things about hiring an accountant is you really never know if there bookkeeping and accounting services are quality until its too late and a big mess is made with the IRS.  The IRS is a pretty aggressive entity and will come down on you hard if your books are not kept in order.  The chances are only like 2-3% that you will ever get audited but if you have every been through one it can be very painful if all is not in order.  Penalties can reach in the thousands of dollars and this really is a double whammy with an already high tax burden to deal with.  Our bookkeeping and accounting services are very thorough.  We double check our work for errors.  We work hard to stay on top of new tax laws and codes also so you don’t have to.

bookkeeping and accounting services

If you are searching for the lowest price  bookkeeping and accounting services we may not be the right firm for you. We are more in the middle as far as pricing but we feel we give more value then we charge.  Our staff is committed to each and everyone of our clients unique cases.  We are very open and all communication is done so that we know you understand what is going on with your situation!  Contact us today for a free consulation!