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Our experienced team is ready to take over your bookkeeping or accounting audit. We’ll work with your existing records to provide you with a detailed report on your compliance with existing tax code and other financial matters, including our recommendations to optimize your business operations for the future.


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Why Choose Us for Independent Audits?

  • Get an unbiased understanding of your organization’s financial situation
  • Receive actionable recommendations that can streamline your operations
  • Attract or maintain outside investor confidence with sound financial systems
  • Discover potential tax benefits or liabilities
  • Our firm’s nearly two decades of excellence helping Jacksonville businesses speaks for itself

Regardless of the purpose and type of audit, you need a competent CPA firm that understands your business and your industry. The experienced accountants at Bookkeeping and Accounting of Florida understand your goals, operating procedures, and regulatory environment in order to customize the audit procedure for your specific needs and requirements. We minimize the time required for the audit and enhance your business efficiency by providing sound advice and recommendations.

The CPAs at our firm have been providing top-quality audit services to all types of businesses in Florida for over 10 years. Whether your company needs a financial audit required by the governmental regulations, an internal audit, a red book or yellow book audit, or another auditing service, we have the expertise to help you through each step of the process. If the audit is required because of a possible merger or acquisition, we will be able to audit the financial records of all parties involved and address any additional requested procedures with agreed-upon procedures if necessary.

In order for the audit to be effective, your CPA in Jacksonville should be familiar with your industry and understand the requirements you are looking for. They should also understand and get to know your company, your internal control structure, and company operations.

Our job as an auditing firm is to get understanding and get to know your business, provide quality audits, make recommendations that would improve your business processes and future audit efficiencies, and improve your internal controls to keep your organization safe from any unfortunate occurrences. We provide our business expertise to help your organization achieve its short- and long-term goals.

As your accountant, we will work closely with your management to make sure all important questions are being addressed during our engagement. While audits and review engagements do not specifically require CPAs to find and disclose fraud, we find it important to pay attention to questionable and illegal transactions. When we come across these transactions, we will alert management as is required by the CPA’s Ethics Standards and Principles generally accepted in the U.S.


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Experienced CPAs will not oversell their services. We will question your needs and provide you with the service that will be customized to give you the best possible solution at a reasonable price. Although financial statement reviews and compilation of financial statements will not provide your company with the same level of assurance as an audit, these reports signed by a CPA can satisfy bank or management needs. Additionally, in conjunction with your company’s management, we can develop and perform custom-designed engagement that would address specific needs and investigate areas that are important to management.

Our timely, accurate, detailed, and professional CPA services will enable your company to continue operating and growing in the current complex financial regulatory environment. We know how important it is to have someone with financial expertise by your side ready to give you important financial advice and address your company’s audit needs — and we’re that accountant for you! Contact us today to get started.

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