When you start thinking about your taxes it may be a little stressful. We do live in a great country and there is a tax system in place for those fortunate enough to have their own business. A lot of people complain and moan about taxes being to high and I suppose that is true. I try to be a happy tax payer and feed the goose that lays the golden egg. Despite how you feel about taxes there may come a time you may need tax planning services Jacksonville .

Our CPA firm is a full service firm and tax planning services Jacksonville is just one of the many things we do for our clients. We also do payroll services and this can be very helpful at freeing time for you to focus on other things in your business. We do audits so if you are wanting to stay prepared for the IRS call you may get then we can help you prepare and make sure your financials all are in order. As your business grows you really will need a...


We are bookkeeping and accounting of Florida. We have been serving Jacksonville for over 10 years. We have a combined 30 years of experience in tax preparation Jacksonville FL. We are very thorough with our work. We are very detailed oriented and we live to help ease the tax burden of our clients shoulders. We are passionate about taxes as we know it is a necessary evil. Taxes fuel this great country of ours and it is a big part of your business. Don’t settle on a unqualified inexpensive bookkeeper. If you do you may end up paying stiff penalties from the IRS if things are not getting done properly.

When you start looking into hiring an accountant we hope you come check out our services so you can see what our service is like. Our tax preparation Jacksonville FL is some of the most detailed you will find. I think you will find it exciting to see the way we do business. We understand that taxes can be stressful and we also understand the...


We want to do your payroll services Jacksonville FL. We want to be the accountants you choose to do all of your taxes. We want to be the professionals you rely on to be your friend and go to person if the IRS should ever happen to call. We know how the IRS operates, we know what to do and and we understand what not to do. We are an honest company and we do not try to bend tax laws for our clients. We do try to save our clients time and money by knowing our business and being really good at what we do.

Doing your own payroll services Jacksonville FL can be very time consuming. If you want to spend your valuable time on the maintenance of your business go for it. You will find there are numerous jobs that have to be done over and over that do not contribute to the growth of the business. I think if you are looking to grow your business then you have to identify the top 20% of activities that you do to help grow your organization. This is...


We are bookkeeping and accounting of florida. We are a full business bookkeeping firm in the Jacksonville area. Our services include bookkeeping, audits, payroll services and so much more. Anything in the tax arena we can handle and we love a challenge. Bring us your mess of taxes and we will straighten it out. Our services are catered to fit your needs. We understand your business is unique and we hope to understand and learn about your business so we can do a better job for you.

If you start to look around for a business bookkeeping service then you will find out that our service is one of the better services in our area. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly and we leave to serve business professionals. The time will come when you will need a service like ours to represent your taxes. If you spend all of your valuable time doing your own taxes then you will spend a great deal of time on maintenance. We hope as you consider a...


If you start to look at our business accounting florida then it may be the best decision you ever made! We are bookkeeping and accounting of florida and we are fast becoming one of the most trusted painting contractors in our area. If you are looking for a company to do your accounting in the florida area then we are the company to call. Our business accounting florida service is catered to fit your needs. We serve for profit and non for profit organizations alike. If you are looking for a reputable company to do your books then we sure hope you give us a call.

We are 0ne of the fastest growing CPA firms in our area. When you serve your clients as good as we do you are bound to grow like we are. Our services are going to serve a large audience one day and we would love for you to be a big part of our success. When you start looking into business accounting florida then we hope...


When you start looking into hiring bookkeeping Jacksonville FL then call our company. We desire to serve a large audience here in the Jacksonville area and we plan on doing this one satisfied client after another. If you are looking into hiring a company with the highest standards then call our company. Our clients always rave about how well we treat them and how rare of an accounting firm we are. When you start looking into hiring a bookkeeping Jacksonville FL don’t just settle into hiring any company. Do your research as your who you trust your taxes to is a major decision. Hiring the right bookkeeper can lead to you saving a lot of time and money. Hiring the wrong bookkeeper can can you a lot of valuable time and money if the IRS comes a calling. If you need specialized services we do that also. We cater all of our services to meet the needs of our clients. Our clients refer our...


When you need a bookkeeper service in our area then contact us to claim your free consultation. In this consultation you will be able to discuss your needs. We hope to offer solutions to your problems so you can spend your valuable time in something other then taxes. If you have ever heard of the pareto principle then you will understand that the it is important to identify the top 20% of things you could do to grow your business. After you have discovered the top 20% of things you should do then you should find a way to spend a majority of your time doing these things only. This may be hard to do at first but something like hiring a bookkeeper service would be a great start. Bookkeeping and Accounting is more of a maintenance task then a growth task. The day to day maintenance is always a necessary evil but growth activities are a necessary good but a lot of people have a hard time making these things a priority. You may be looking at the 80% of...


When you start looking for book keeping services in Jacksonville Florida you will find you have a lot of options. If you are start noticing a lot of accountants that are just not that passionate about their business. If you want a company who is passionate about their business then we are the company for you. We do offer book keeping services , accounting services, payroll services, and auditing services. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly staff with over 30 years of experience. We understand that every business is not the same. We know that our services need to be catered to each individual client of ours and we are happy to do this. We understand the frustration that taxes can cause on a business owner. The amount of money you have to give to your taxes can be overwhelming. I don’t think you should hire the cheapest accountant as you look for book keeping services because if...


When you start to grow your business the demands for your time will change. You may get to the point when you need to hire payroll accounting services in Jacksonville Florida. When this decision is upon you please don’t just hire anyone. Our services are more thorough then most other firms in our industry. Our payroll accounting services are catered to fit the needs of your business. Weather you do direct deposit or need us to print out checks for you this is possible. If you want to write out your own checks we can do that to and just give you the amounts with the taxes taken out.


We want to be your accountant and to be your friend when tax issues come up. As one of the best Jacksonville CPA Firms we understand the need to have a quality accountant do your taxes. We are fast becoming one of the most trusted firms in Jacksonville. We plan on doing this one satisfied client after another and as we grow it plan on keeping the customer intimacy of a small firm.

When you start looking into Jacksonville CPA Firms then you will soon find that you will have a lot of options. If you are looking for a low cost professional you may be putting your tax situation in jeopardy and you may be facing stiff penalties. The IRS is a serious entity of the US government. Because of the number of people in the united states compared to the IRS staff they are only able to audit 2% of the population. You may say then the chances of me getting audited are slim and you are right. As slim as the chance is if they do end up calling on you and they...


Keeping the finances well organized and maintaining good cash flow are central to any business’s success. An accounting professional can help with all financial matters, from ensuring you have effective accounting procedures in place to making sure you’re paying the right amount of tax. Not only that, they can also offer sound business advice to help you succeed. It’s important to find the accounting help that’s right for your business so you can build a long-term working relationship and so they can really get to know you, your business and what you’re trying to achieve. Look at these tips to find a good book-keeping service:

Rather than searching aimlessly among a sea of accountants, it will help you to understand what help you need. Narrow it down:

  • Do you need someone to process your invoices and receipts?
  • Would you like an accountant to prepare your tax return?
  • Will the accountant be running payroll for you?
  • Do you require an expert who can create budgets, forecasts and...

We are bookkeeping and accounting of florida. We are a full service business bookkeeping service and we are ready to serve. We look forward to growing our business. We sure hope you become a big part of our success as we grow. We are determined to keep the small company feel as we grow our services. This is called customer intimacy and this is normally categorized by a very small business. As we grow we realize that we cannot still consider ourselves a small business. We serve over 60 clients with our business bookkeeping service and we are proud to say so. Our service is a specialized to fit your needs. The only thing we know is that the only thing that is consistent is that we are always saving our clients time and money.

Our service is top rate by our clients. They say our business bookkeeping service is like no other service they have dealt with in accounting. We are...


Our company had humble beginnings before we did accounting and bookkeeping service.

Juliya Moody started to learn bookkeeping as working for an electrical contractor. The company she was working for and decided to throw her head first into quickbooks. To be honest she was overwhelmed with the task and wondered why they didn’t hire a professional accounting and bookkeeping service. She had some hard days as she learned the program and that is when she decided to get some quickbooks training. This move changed the course of here life. She since then has kept her education going strong and is almost finished with her CPA. Juliya is passionate about her accounting and bookkeeping service. She worked by herself for a few years but the demands became to much. Back then she was working out of her home. When she got so busy she couldn’t handle it she decided to hire another guy named Leo...


Have you ever heard of the pareto principle? It is known as the pareto principle is also known as the 80/20 principle. Our payroll and accounting services will help you find the top 20% of things you could do to focus on growth opportunities. We can help you identify the top 20% of activities if you need us to so you can work on them instead of doing your own accounting services. We consider accounting as more of a maintainance activity. This does not help your business grow it helps your maintain your business Don’t get me wrong this has to be done but don’t do your own payroll and accounting services instead hire a professional. Contact us today and schedule your free no hassle estimate and we will look forward to serving you soon. Our office is open monday through friday.


We do internal and independent audits so that you can rest assured that your bookkeepers or internal accountants are doing there job properly. To many times the accounting has gone unchecked within a large company to find out that money was be embezzled or that the books weren’t getting done properly. We want to be the system of checks and balances that use to insure that everything is ok with your tax financials. Our independent audits are guaranteed to pass the strict standards of any company. The IRS is a tough entity of the government and they come down hard on people not following the rules. Even if these are honest mistakes the government tends to show no grace. The IRS is a small group compared the general population so they tend to make an example of anyone they find doing things the wrong way. If you...


Tax planning is not the same as tax evasion. There are many IRS regulations that allow you to plan to minimize your tax burden. Our company provides tax services Jacksonville Fl to help you save money and time. We organize your accounting records, keep all necessary back up and make sure that you are prepared in case the IRS even knocks on your door. Accounting for your business should not be painful. We try to help you make sense out of your accounting and develop understanding of your tax situation. All your records will be kept in accounting system where you can get to your information and will work with you as a team to make sure your taxes are filed timely and you stay ahead of all the new regulations. We are here to help our clients to make sense of their taxes and accounting.


If you are in business you need highest quality bookkeeping services Jacksonville. As a business owner, you are always per-occupied with things that need to be done. You are expected to wear several different heats in the matter of minutes. You have to deal with marketing, employees, customers and many administrative tasks. The most important thing you should do is concentrate on growing your business. Let us take care of your bookkeeping services Jacksonville. We can make the process easy and painless and make sure you are prepared for any unpredictable things, including IRS audit. We make sure all your records are in order and all your transactions are recorded accurately and timely. We also make sure that any required paperwork is filed with IRS and Florida Department of Revenue. We even make sure you renew your corporation on time and stop throwing away the money on penalties and interest. You will have full access to your accounting data which will help you budget, plan for future events and insure you are aware where...


Medical practices and physicians are under-served industry to a certain extend when it comes to the customized accounting services. Because of the unique needs and time constrains it is hard for physicians to keep up with financial information which in the end costs them thousands of dollars.

Our CPA firm understands the industry and the needs of medical industry and we can help to streamline the accounting process and help with tax planning. This will allow the doctors to concentrate on the patient care rather than trying to work through accounting and tax issues.

Consider how much time you and your office manager can dedicate to what you do best if...


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Personal Financial Planning

Fundamental Financial Planning Knowledge & Skills

Clients can face various financial and business predicaments: overextension, employee problems, customer losses, and even bankruptcy. They also may lack proper management training, and may procrastinate or overreact when problems surface. Then they call their CPAs in a panic. Unfortunately, clients may see their fortunes dwindle if they do not take a more proactive approach to managing their personal or business finances.

We tapped five CPAs to identify the top blunders they see clients make, and offer ways to prevent these problems from surfacing. Here is their list:

Miscalculating startup costs or personal funds. It’s all too easy for gung-ho...


Our firm is located in Jacksonville, Florida and we work with many medical practices to help them with their accounting, valuations and forensic accounting needs. We serve physicians all over Florida and throughout the United States. Keeping up with accurate accounting records for your business is important not just for tax purposes. Understanding your finances is important management tool for your daily decision making and planning. Not understanding and or not keeping up with your financial data will lead your business to significant loss of income, employee theft, missing deadlines for important agreements and penalties due to late document filings with the State and Federal Government.

One of our biggest strengths is our knowledge of the industry and also keeping close relationship with you so we can assist you with many day to day activities such as:

  • Preparation of accurate monthly financial statements to make sure you know profitability margins of your business each month.
  • Financial Analysis including costing, month to month and year to year...